An introduction to sword and rotella in the bolognese school

The workshop is aimed to introduce the participants to the discipline of sword and rotella in the Bolognese School, presenting in a dynamic way the main fencing actions and combat features that we can identify in Marozzo, Manciolino and the Bolognese Anonymous.

This lesson in particular will not focus on specific techniques: its purpose will be rather to teach to the attendants movements that will permit them to undertake a fight with sword and rotella, avoiding the most usual mistakes and making use of the actions taught by the Masters.

At first the main guard will be introduced:  Coda Lunga Alta, with special attention to the correct position of the shield.

Then some notion about footwork will be provided, in particular the circular footwork steps used with the round target to face an attack and to bring a counterattack, or in order to bypass the protection offered by the shield to the opponent.

After that, we will see how to deliver an attack correctly in a safe way with sword and rotella against an opponent armed in the same way, making use of some exercises.

In particular we will focus on the danger to which the armed hand is exposed and how to limit it, as well as how to protect the legs, i.e. the target not defended by the shield.

The core of the lesson will be a set of dynamic exercises aimed to teach to the attendants the Basic Defence of the Bolognese School, studied to oppose and counter safely any kind of attack, with all its variations and rispostes.