The Sword and Dagger of Early Modern France

France in the early seventeenth century was a dangerous and fractured society. Violence was common place and there are many accounts of combat. Attendees will be guided through techniques three sources dating from this period: firstly, Villamont’s translation of the treatise by Hieronyme Calvacabo (1597), a Bolognese master who taught in Rome and went on to tutor the future Louis XIII. His influence will be traced through to the manuscript attributed to Pedro De Heredia (c.1610), but which was almost certainly written by a French Speaker who followed Cavalcabo. Finally, Francois Dancie (c. 1617 and 1623), a fighter who eschews courtly play for cool, efficient dispatch of the foe.

Skill requirements: Some experience in HEMA is required, but not necessarily rapier or sidesword.

Prerequisites: Rapier/single handed sword simulator and a dagger simulator. Mask. Gloves. Water. Full protection (i.e. jacket, chest protector, etc.) will be required if wanting to apply techniques ‘in earnest’!