Roman Rapier & Daggeror the foundation of the play of Rapier & Dagger according to the Roman School

Brief historical resume

Through the end of XVIth Century, in Rome a family established an Academy, destined to a direct and indirect influence in the history of fencing: the Marcelli’s lineage, from Vincentio and Franceschino, then Orsino Lellio and Giovan Battista, to the well known author Francesco Antonio, left us at least three generations (given by the documents, but probably more) of Masters, a strong company of disciples, several manuscripts and a published treatise. One of their “second generation” Masters, Giovan Battista Marcelli, went to the Southern Kingdom, Neaples, to establish there his personal school, defeating the preview traditions and creating soon the Napolitean School, and after some passages, the Sicilian school. The last two conflued in the Southern line, until the modern disciplin, being in fact the longest tradition in fencing. The Napolitean and Sicilian systems, alongside the Roman original one, show interesting points of contacts with the Spanish tradition.

The Workshop

This workshop aims to present some of the principal teachings of Rapier & Dagger according to the Roman School, selecting an introductive part on the basics, another part on the main First Intention’s actions, and a closing one on the Second Intention’s action.

On a methodological side, the lesson will present some of the original drills and exercises practiced by the old Maestri of the Roman School to teach their students.

The class will be joinable also from people with low experience in rapier.

Requirements: 1600 N. mask, fencing jacket, breast/groin protection, chest protector (plastron or similar), fencing gloves or similar, rapier. Fencing breeches and throat protection recommended.