X Encuentro Internacional AEEA

24 y 25 de Septiembre de 2016 - Toledo

Month: September 2016

A thank you message

With the 10th edition of the AEEA’s International Historical Fencing meeting from Toledo behind us, we’d like to share a brief thank you message. Well, maybe it won’t be so brief 🙂

In first place, thank you to the Municipality of Toledo, for their help in the event preparation, lending us the facilities for the weekend and spreading the news about it.

To sports Councilor, Juan José Pérez del Pino, for sharing the prizes award ceremony with us.

A million thanks to the instructors who shared with us their vast amount of knowledge, allowing that the Art of the sword can benefit from this exchange.

Maestro Francesco Lodà

Rob Runacres

Marco Rubboli

Maciej Talaga

Rodrigo González Ayala

Javier Azuaga

Special thank you to our sponsors for the material help

Cuéntame Toledo

Círculo del Arte

Maestro espadero Toledano Adrián Polonio

Hermanos Moreno – Arte de la espada


Objetos de arte Toledano

Any event is nothing without its atendees, and this year we got 132 people together. So, to all who make this activity what it is, for your fencing skill and, above all, your human quality, here goes our salute.

Specially, fencers and associations who came from abroad:

Accademia Romana d’Armi

The Renaissance Sword Club

Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo

1595 Club

vzw Sint Michielsgilde de Hallebardiers

ARMA Polonia

And also spanish clubs and salles.

Finally, we’l like to share a very special thanks to the volunteers of Asociación Cultural de Esgrima Antigua de Toledo, tournament judges and their assistants for for their selfless effort. Without them, this past weekend should have been of a much lower quality.

A big hug to all of you. And here’s hoping seeing you all again next year 🙂

Rodrigo González Ayala workshop

From shield to buckler, medieval dual weapons

We’ll develop double wielding weapon technical plays that can be applied to both sword and shield and sword and buckler. We’ll analyze the differences in technics and tactics for this defensive weapons.

Needed weapons: Medieval sword and buckler. Shield is optional. Organizers will provide some for the workshop.


Rob Runacres’ Workshop II

Introduction to Rapier and Cloak

Description: Today, the cloak is perhaps perceived as belonging to a Hollywood swashbuckler than a serious companion weapon, or at best a weapon of opportunity for a desperate encounter. However, sources such as Fabris, Cavalcabo and Dall’Aggochie show us that the cloak was a respected weapon to accompany the sword, requiring its own methodology and techniques. This workshop will introduce students to the ‘sidesword’ cloak forms of Dall’Aggochie (1572)and Cavalcabo (1595) and from there to the more point orientated ‘rapier’ forms of Fabris (1606) among others.

Requirements: Students should bring standard fencing equipment (jacket, mask, gloves and a box), a rapier and some form of cloak simulator. The cloak should not be made of a synthetic material and should be large enough that, when fully stretched out, it is wider than the shoulders and can reach from the neck to the feet. A large towel is ideal (there is no restriction on towel colour or pattern, and I will buy a drink for the most interesting display!).


Tournament team composition

Follows the team number and composition for the tournament. We wish you all a lot of luck an enjoyment.

Team 1
Franceso Lodá
Silvio Ciri
Daniele Romeo
Paolo Gianni
Caterina Rizzi
Federica Carfagna

Team 2
Rob Runacres
Enrica Angiolini
Alvaro Clavero
Benedetto Colombo
Rory Merrall-Wyre
Stephen Howell

Team 3
Éanna Watters
Kristofer Stanson
Daniel Lopez
Dario de Judicibus
Petra Schrieber
Pablo Murias

Team 4
Alberto Bomprezzi
Oscar Torres
Marc Gener
Carlos Urgel
José Salazar
Ernesto Romero

Team 5
Jaime Buesa
Oscar García
David Collazos
Javier Zapater
Gonzalo Ruiz
Gonzalo Peregrin

Team 6
Javier Azuaga
Diego Marín
Angel Corral
Oriol Salvador
Robert Usach
Ramón Peña

Team 7
Lucio Gonzalez
Luis Fernandez
Juan Guilmain
Marina Gil
Jorge Marín
José Manuel Tellado

Team 8
Manuel González
Ignacio González
David Galán
Juan Antonio Nuñez
Jesus Ruiz
Dario Sanchez

M. Francesco Lodá Workshop II

From the Assalto, to the drills, to the technics in Roman Single Rapier

The class will use the Roman Single Rapier system as an instrument, a tool to verify the application of technics through the free assaults and traditional drills; since the technics are something abstract, that must be adapted to the reality of a combat through the proper use of Tempo, Misura, Velocità, Tattica, Natura, Modo

The workshop will exemplify these concepts through actions of First Intention, Second Intention and Contratempo.

Requirements: 1600 N. mask, fencing jacket, breast/groin protection, chest protector (plastron or similar), fencing gloves or similar, rapier. Fencing breeches and throat protection recommended.