Introduction to Rapier and Cloak

Description: Today, the cloak is perhaps perceived as belonging to a Hollywood swashbuckler than a serious companion weapon, or at best a weapon of opportunity for a desperate encounter. However, sources such as Fabris, Cavalcabo and Dall’Aggochie show us that the cloak was a respected weapon to accompany the sword, requiring its own methodology and techniques. This workshop will introduce students to the ‘sidesword’ cloak forms of Dall’Aggochie (1572)and Cavalcabo (1595) and from there to the more point orientated ‘rapier’ forms of Fabris (1606) among others.

Requirements: Students should bring standard fencing equipment (jacket, mask, gloves and a box), a rapier and some form of cloak simulator. The cloak should not be made of a synthetic material and should be large enough that, when fully stretched out, it is wider than the shoulders and can reach from the neck to the feet. A large towel is ideal (there is no restriction on towel colour or pattern, and I will buy a drink for the most interesting display!).