Maestro Francesco Lodà


Francesco Lodà started his career in historical fencing in 1999, establishing the fencing club ASD Accademia Romana d’Armi-Scherma Storica Roma in 2001. As a teacher and trainer, he has reached so far the following main titles and appointments: Maestro d’Arme A.I.M.A., Maestro di scherma storica U.I.S.P., Istruttore Nazionale di Scherma Storica F.I.S. – A.N.S., Athletical Trainer C.O.N.I., plus several others. He teaches regularly in Italy and Europe, and in 2016 has teached in Algeria, Russian Federation, USA.

As sport executive, he is President of  A.I.M.A. – Italian Master-at-Arms Association, delegate member of the HEMA national board in F.I.S. – Italian Fencing Federation and U.I.S.P. – Italian National Sport Union, and National responsible for Rapier/Rapier & Dagger in F.I.S.

As an athlete, through 2004 and 2016, he has placed prominently in all the national and international rapier tournaments he joined in Europe and U.S.A., including A.I.M.A. ROMA, F.I.S., CSEN, SWORDFISH, HEMAC-DIJON, RAPIER, UISP, WMAW, FISAS, gaining 27 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze medals and 2 technical prize medals, resulting as the world most rewarded athlete for rapier fencing.

As a researcher, he follows a doctorate in History at the University of Toulouse and Rome (ancient religions, indo-Europeanism, and the historiography of the twentieth century). With regards to fencing, he published:

Books (titles translated)

Rapier handbook: the Roman-Napolitean-Sicilian School, Bonanno editore, Palermo 2014.

Florius. De arte luctandi, Bonanno editore, Palermo 2013.

From the treatise to the Salle, Bonanno Editore, Palermo 2013.

The atelier of the historician, Il Cerchio Iniziative Editoriali,Rimini 2011

The methodologies of research in historical fencing, ARA edizioni, Roma 2009.

Origines and outlines of Southern School of fencing, ARA edizioni, Roma 2008.

plus several papers and reviews.

*for a complete list of references, certifications, papers please visit:

Instructor Rob Runacres

RobRob Runacres is the instructor for the Renaissance Sword Club in the UK. His main passions are for rapier and sidesword styles spanning the mid sixteenth to mid seventeenth centuries. He has taught a variety of workshops in Europe and the United States, including rapier and cloak, rapier and dagger and sidesword and dagger. The main historical masters he studies are Salvator Fabris, François Dancie, Girolamo Cavalcabo, Francisco Lórenz de Rada and Giovanni dall’Agocchie, as well as other Italian, French and Spanish sources. He has translated a number of French treatises, including L’Espée de Combat (Dancie, 1623), Treatise or Instruction for Fencing (Hieronyme Cavalcabo 1597) and Le Maistre D’Arme Liberal (Besnard, 1653).
Rob is a strong believer in Western Martial Arts as a modern discipline with historical roots, rather than simply a recreation of specific treatises.

In January 2013, Rob was privileged with honorary membership of De Taille and d’Estoc.

Rob is active on the international tournament scene, both as a competitor and organiser. He is the Tournament Manager for Swordfish, the world’s largest Western Martial Arts competition, and is a senior judge for the Nordic League. In 2015, he managed the Purple Heart Open in Houston Texas, and Longpoint in Baltimore, the USA’s premier Western Martial Art event. As a competitor, he has won a gold for Rapier and Dagger at Rapier 2012 and has medals from Swordfish 2014, the Copenhagen Open 2015 and other international events.

In November 2015, he set up ‘Alte Herren’ with Hans Jörnlind, a vlog covering event reviews, interviews with HEMA practitioners, and general sword based discussion.

Master of Arms Chris chatfield – Military saber

ChrisChris is a full-time teacher of martial arts. He comes from a background of boxing & sports/classical fencing, first studying the art of the sword under Master Jeff Elmes in 1987.

Wishing to discover a more martial approach to the sword he began his study of Saviolo in 1999 & in 2002 co-founded the 1595 Club with the aim of forming a school concentrating upon an examination and practice of Saviolo’s principles of swordplay and using them as a basis for a system of combat.

Since that time he has been invited to teach, demonstrate, lecture and fence throughout the UK, as well as Italy, Spain, Malta, France & Finland by historical fencing associations and martial arts schools. He has also worked with several museums including the Wallace Collection and the National Army Museum,

He teaches at both the London and Brighton salles.

Instructor Marco Rubboli – Sidesword and Rotella
In 1994 he attends a foil course at CUSB Scherma in Bologna, then sabre with M. Preziosi and later with M. Bimbi from 1994 to 2000. In 1995 he left Accademia di Scherma Tradizionale, to be elected member of the Board of Associazione di Scherma Antica Triskell.Marco

In 1995 and 1996 he teach Historical fencing for Compagnia Storica Borgo del Diavolo, being elected member of the Board of that society. In 1996 he’s been elected member of the Board of FISAS (Federazione Italiana Scherma Antica e Storica).

In 1996 together with Luca Cesari, Domenico Giannuzzi and others he founded the society Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo, dedicated to the precise and fililogical study of Historical Fencing treatises.

From 1997 he teaches regularly Historical fencing for Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo in Cesena, and from 2000 in Rimini.

He also taught in technical international seminars: HEMAC-Dijon in 2002 and Dreynevent 2004

He has taught the following techniques: single sword, sword and round target, sword and dagger sword and cloak, sword and buckler, two hands sword, sword and tower shield, two swords, sabre, partesan, pike, long pike, spiedo, azza, ronca and halberd, partesan and round target, dagger, Spanish navaja , Argentine esgrima criolla, dagger and cloak and similar, unarmed defence against the dagger, techniques of Greek-Roman, Ancient Greek Pygme (boxing) and Pix-Lax (kick boxing). He taught  techniques form Dei Liberi, Marozzo, Manciolino, Anonimo Bolognese,, Di Grassi, Anonimo Riccardiano, Altoni, Vendrell y Eduart.

In 2009 he obtains the top technical title for the main Italian sport promotion entity UISP, and is elected National Referee for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Fencing, he is still in charge up to the present day.

In 2011 at the Accademia Nazionale di Scherma in Naples he obtains the title of Istruttore Nazionale of Historical Fencing;

In 2013 he obtains the title of Istruttore Regionale (First level) of Olimpic Fencing;

From  2014 he’s member of the Working Group on Historical Fencing of the Italian Fencing Federation.

Instructor Maciej Talaga – Longsword

Maciej Talaga - photoMaciej Talaga has studied HEMA since 2007 with Bart Walczak as his teacher. In 2009 he became an instructor in Warsaw Study Group of ARMA Poland, together with Maciej Zając and Paweł Białasiewicz. Therefore, his HEMA experience amounts to 9 years, including 7 years as a competitive fencer and teacher. During that time, he fought in almost all available Polish longsword and messer tournaments, reached quarterfinals in the Open Longsword at Swordfish 2011, placed second on HEMAC Florentia 2016, ran numerous workshops across Poland, one at Swordfish (with Jan Chodkiewicz, Łukasz Dąbrowski and Maciej Zając), and one in Florentia. His main area of interest has virtually always been the so-called ‘Döbringer Codex’ (MS3227a). Interpretation of that manual forms the foundation of his longsword technique and partially the curriculum of the Warsaw Study Group. He is also the current President of ARMA-PL.

His non-HEMA martial background was Krav Maga (two years at the University). He has also cross-trained in sport fencing (epée) since 2013.

Additionally, he holds an MA in Mediaeval Archaeology (Bioarchaeology and Warfare). He published in Acta Periodica Duellatorum 2013 (Scholarly Section – a description of a unique Late Mediaeval kampfschwert from Kraków) as well as in a few Polish archaeology-related periodicals and websites.

Most recently, he has focused on teaching and was an assisstant trainer of the gold-winning Polish National Team at the IFHEMA Cup in Hungary (2015).

Provost Rodrigo González Ayala – Sword and buckler

Rodrigo González, Rorro, as he likes to be called, is a martial artist from Madrid. Born in 1974, he has been practising martial arts from a very early age. Rorro1

After a period of time involved with eastern martial arts, kick boxing and boxing, he starts to search for traditional martial arts combat in Spain. In 2001, in a completely casual form, he meets Oscar Torres and Alberto Bomprezzi, who were working in soon-to-be-AEEA. From this moment, Rodrigo focuses in building and empowering AEEA, both in martial and organizative fashion.

From its very beginning, he attended a large number of international events and taking place in international competitions, winning Dreynevent longsword tournament in 2008.

Nowadays, he combines Historical Fencing with Medieval Combatin the team Ursus Custodes, and Muay Thai in school El Origen & Thaimartin. He is also Muay Thai and Kick Boxing certified referee by I.F.M.A. and C.E.K.

June 19th 2010 he obtained the Provost degree in Madrid, certified in Rapier, Longsword, Rapier and Dagger and Sword and Buckler.